Life on the runway

«My job has a great impact on my life»



As pilots for Swiss International Air Lines and ski racers for the Swiss Alpine Ski Team, Fabian Kofler and Yannick Chabloz do not have a job with office hours. They travel around the world and regularly work on Sundays. Fabian and Yanick tell us how life on the runway shapes them.


«Currently, always around the twentieth of every month, it's the moment the whole family looks forward to. Then we receive the new flight plans and know what our lives will be like next month. What can I do with Daddy? When will my partner be home? Here, of course, my job is a big impact on my private life. But like everything in life, it has advantages and disadvantages: On the one hand, we can go skiing during the week, for example, when there are no people on the slopes (grins). On the other hand, I might not be able to celebrate Christmas with my family. That does shape life a lot.»

«Life on the slopes is, as the word suggests, a "life". My friends are the people I see every day in training. Skiing is actually like a family and in Switzerland we are lucky to be a big family that also gets a lot of support. This life brings many wonderful experiences and I enjoy every moment I spend on the slopes. In summer, when I have time and there is no snow, I also do many other things: be it climbing, biking, kite surfing or playing tennis. My brother is on the road even more than I am, so my parents are happy when I am sometimes at home. I then do a lot of sports together with them - they appreciate that very much.»


Editor's note: Yannick's younger brother is a kitesurfer and freeskier with world championship titles in both sports.