About a job swap

«I would have brutal respect for that»



Flying a Boeing 777 or jumping over the Hundschopf: The two ski racers Niels Hintermann and Yannick Chabloz and the two SWISS pilots Fabian Kofler and Alex Borer reveal whether they would have the courage to do each other's job.


«I would be extremely daring! However, it would probably take me over an hour or just a very, very long time to get to the bottom. With the Hundschopf, however, I'm not sure how I would get across. I've already seen how steep it is and definitely had to swallow empty once. They really are crazy people who jump down there (laughs). But to ski the Lauberhorn course, that would really be a huge experience.»

«I've actually already skied it (laughs). So from that point of view, I would definitely dare. But of course never when it is prepared for the race. I know how tracks are prepared before a downhill. I was once on the World Cup slope in Lenzerheide and it was bare ice. You feel like you'd better put on your skates and not your skis (laughs). I would really have brutal respect for that.»

«Unfortunately, I have no idea about aviation and aircraft. I'd like to fly in a simulator one day. But a real aircraft? I'd rather sit in the cockpit next to the pilot and just watch. Otherwise the risk of something going wrong is too high for me. For example, if I had to fly tight turns. I think there's a stall and then you sag, which probably wouldn't be so optimal (laughs).»

«Is the plane full or empty? (laughs). So, I guess the question is, would you allow me? I would definitely try. Before I take off, I would just need a crash course. The thing I'd respect the most would be the landing. In the air, if someone showed me how to adjust the autopilot, it might still work. But when it comes to landing, that's where it gets critical.»

Piloter un Boeing 777 ou sauter par-dessus le Hundschopf : Les  skieurs Niels Hintermann et Yannick Chabloz et les pilotes de SWISS Fabian Kofler et Alex Borer révèlent s'ils auraient le courage de faire le travail des deux autres.